As part of its partnership with foreign universities around the world, Kosyam Jesuit University of Science sent one of its teachers to Loyola Andalucia in Spain for an experience sharing which took place from 04 to 08 April 2022.
This one in the lines that will follow tell apart this wonderful and enriching adventure that gives our university perspectives for continuous improvement in its operation.

“My travel to Spain is the best I’ve ever had because of the excellent welcome and the availability of people to listen, to explain and to advise, not only within the two campuses of Loyola University Andalucia but also even in the streets. I have to recognize that the work that people are doing at Loyola University is an excellent experience that we must build on. The experience of Loyola University could benefit both Kosyam Jesuit University of Science (KoJUS) and the whole country, Burkina Faso. In fact, I have learnt so much from each of the key resource people I met: management skills from Borja Martín, International Relations Director and the members of his office, teaching differently, specially with  Maria Teresa Alonso Pérez Tinao, the Education Associate Dean, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, let alone the other teaching experiences and skills learnt from the professors.


In conclusion, I am very grateful to have been part of the very first cohort of the exchange program between Kosyam Jesuit University of Science (KoJUS) and Universidad LOYOLA. The two universities have a lot in common and the youngest one, ie, KoJUS can learn from its sister university.  I hope that this exchange program will continue and be sustained to favor sharing of Experiences, Research, Syllabi, Courses, etc.”